Master Green Architecture

Master of Science (M.Sc.)
4 semester(s)
Study location:
distance learning


The distance learning programme Master Green Architecture is offered by Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design. The aim of the inter-university degree programme Master Green Architecture is to provide the complexity and the technical knowledge necessary for "ecological building" designing. The programme provides knowledge about ecosystems, sustainable technical cycles, urban and building ecology, in particular energy saving and building construction, planning and design aspects. This will teach you how to apply scientific methods to convey and develop your own ideas independently.

Our professors and lecturers are themselves practicing architects, scientists and researchers from a variety of universities and research institutes who bring with them innovation and academic experience to accompany your projects. The compulsary seminars will be held over one week each semester. Students that are attending will need to travel to the following locations: Wismar, Berlin, Herne and Freiburg. After graduating in this programme the student will achieve the international accrediteted degree Master of Science (M.Sc.).

Target audience

The theme building and environment has become on one of the most important topics regarding the future of building. It is deemed essential in the rapidly growing cities with large, mostly underdeveloped infrastructure, as well as in developed regions, which are often elaborately constructed, yet incorporate no sustainable concepts which value the environment. The goal, to establish and reinforce sustainable and holistically considered standards of practice, requires necessary changes to the whole planning and building process.

A "Master of Science" degree will present you with multiple career opportunities and promotion prospects, as an employee or as an independent practitioner. Specialists are increasingly sought after in both the commercial and public environments, for the promotion of large building projects, as well as in the private sector, for smaller development requests. The areas of work range from master planning of cities and regional developments, to building design and the application of materials.


Semester 1:
  • Fundamentals
  • Planning and design: existing buildings
  • Energy evaluations of building
Semester 2:
  • Planning and design: new buildings, Design Project 1
  • Building Materials / Pollutants
  • Water und Landscape - the building and its surroundings
  • Ecological holistic concepts: the building and its surrounding
Semester 3:
  • Specialisation A: Urban Planning
  • Specialisation B: Construction products in planning, construction and use of buildings
Semester 4: Master Seminar

Admission/Entrance requirements

Total fees approx.
15,800 EUR
The tuition fee of 3,950 EUR per semester includes:
  • teaching and examination costs
  • costs of the Master Thesis
  • studying material
  • event catering
  • costs for excursions during seminars
  • as well as accommodation expenses during the seminars
Admission requirement:
The Master Green Architecture distance learning programme is a further education programme. To be admitted into our programme you need to meet the following requirements:
  • academic degree (Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma) in a related field of study obtained from a national or international university, and
  • at least one year of professional work experience within the related field after completing your academic degree
If the first academic degree is not related to the field of study, the approval to study can only be given with proof of at least three year's professional work experience. Please contact us to discuss in detail the admission requirements related to your personal situation.


Language(s) of instruction: English
Going abroad: not possible
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Course guidance

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